Human Resources Management with Lutful Kabir

Human Resources Management with Lutful Kabir

This program will focus on various strategic initiatives of human resource management,divided into four major topic areas which can be viewed as the 4 phases of the HR Management. These are :
I. Planning ,
II. Recruitment,
III. Development/Retention 
IV. Disciplinary/Separation

The principal focus of this one-day course will be on the strategic aspect of HR Management. 
The role of today’s HR manager demands broad responsibilities that include organizational leadership and strategic thinking. As the profession evolves, HR departments are being called upon to make bigger decisions and to execute well-defined HR strategies that align with larger organizational strategies.
It will demonstrate how effective human resource management can support and enhance the organization’s overall strategic goals and objectives, and the value of aligning these four phases of the Human Resource process with the organization’s strategic goals. 

Key Topics:
I.    HR needs assessment, projection and pre-recruitment formalities;
II.  The Hiring Process: Job description, Advertisement, interview, selection techniques, advance preparation, reference check etc.
III. Training & development, Manual development and performance management
IV.  Disciplinary process, separation, documentation, exit interview etc.

Program Benefits:
Understanding of the ways in which the organization’s mission and strategic goals impact the recruitment process - tools and techniques for effective selection of  candidates;

  • Effectively influence business strategy as an HR leader;
  • Analyze HR issues and develop action plans you can implement in your organization;
  • Develop a plan to structure an organization’s people, processes, and technologies to create maximum value for stakeholders;
  • Contributions of HR strategy to overall organizational success;
  • Development of HR Manual;
  • Development of job descriptions and assessment criteria;
  •  Effective and efficient processes for the selection of candidates that match the organization’s needs and objectives;
  • Effective utilization of training, development, and performance management;
  • Strategic importance of selection and training models that align employees' skills with organizational needs;
  • Ethical disciplinary actions and the termination process;
  • Various ways to improve HR Management/Development skill;
  • Selection criteria, questioning techniques and background research;
  • Recognizing the strategic importance of workplace safety and health.

Mr. Lutful Kabir is a multi-lingual professional with about 12 years of working experiences with UN, about 18 years with International NGOs (CARE, SCF-UK, Plan International and SCF-USA) and 3+ years with Academic Institution, in South Asia, South-east Asia, Africa, South Caucasus and Central Asia. He has undertaken numerous consultancy assignments, successfully established several country/program offices, trained national and international staff of numerous organizations and managed large program and operational budgets. Teaching Development Management, resource mobilization and HICD (Human & Institutional Capacity Development) are Lutful’s core competence. On numerous occasions, Lutful had worked as advisor/trainer for WB, ADB, USAID, OSCE, EU, DRC, NRC, numerous INGOs and UN agencies on various aspects of their works.
Lutful is a native of Bangladesh and a permanent resident in Azerbaijan. He holds a Master Degree in Development Management from the Asian Institute of Management, Manila, and a BSc (H) Degree from Dhaka University, Bangladesh. He also received a Post-graduate Diploma (Masters Equivalent- MA) in General Management from BMDC, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Lutful has authored several HR/Administrative Policy & Procedure Manuals, M & E Guide-book and NGO Manual during the 30 years of his professional career. He is the Chief Author of a widely used Community Development Manual (published in Azerbaijan in 1999). 
Currently Lutful works for ADA University Foundation as Development Director. He also teaches at ADA University.

-Training is considered for Junior to Mid-Level Mangers of Public/Private sectors.
-Training Language - English

Price 115 AZN (include coffee brake, business lunch and program materials)
For  previous participators of Business Management Shcool - price 100 AZN.(15 AZN discount)
Payment is also received by company bank account for individuals and legal entities.